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About Me

The fact that you're at this page warms my soul. Really. I love synchronicities, making new friends, and seeing life bloom in patterns and purposes I could never have imagined. I'm a self-help guru and love helping people find peace, happiness, and hope in their goals and dreams.

I also have a CPA license, have a BA and MA in Business, and have worked at high-tech, Fortune 100, and Fortune 500 companies. 

I love wildlife and nature, and you can find me hiking all over the world. Some of my favorite hikes are in The Tetons, the mountains I grew up by. I also love swimming and have been swimming all over the U.S., Germany, England, Spain, Costa Rica, and France. I hope to swim in more places, pool, lake, river, or ocean. So if you're a swimmer, we might cross paths one day.

It was nice to meet you, and I wish you the loveliest of days. May the present create your dreams, give purpose to your past, and inspire passion for your future.



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