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Our hearts beat with stardust

Being loved by others has great meaning. Being loved by those I love, means everything.  - R.M. Scott

Boy in the Field

The Finding


Something special about the soft sprinkling ran

That makes one feel as if sins are washed away

The rejuvenation, rebirth of a life not fully lived

The magic of the crying sky and the spirit held within

The dance of freedom intertwined with streaming passion

The love of the heart and the courage of the wind

The tragedies of a misguided youth and the finding of a forever friend

Wheat Field

Memoir of a Paper Girl

(Poem No. 6)


Every few houses

I’d pull out the number

Of the dance studio

With classes

Other girls took

A dream

I’d make happen

One paper

At a time

Beautiful Boy



Beautiful boy

Lips full of pink

Innocent smile

A few half-grown teeth

Sickness encroached

Until my veins tingled weak

Beautiful boy

A light surrounds you


Is you

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